Our Services

ALGEN provides many engineering services that will meet your specific needs. NOTE: All engineering and designs are supervised by Licensed Professional Engineers.


-High & Low Voltage Power Systems -Lighting Systems
-Industrial Power Systems
-Lighting Protection & Grounding Systems
-Computer Server Room Power Systems
-Industrial Power Systems


-Commercial Building HVAC System
-Industrial HVAC System
-Building Water & Sanitary Systems
-Building Control Systems
-Compressed Air Systems
-Energy Calculations

Fire Protection

-Fire Alarm Systems
-Fire Suppression / Sprinkler Systems
-Life Safety Code Analysis
-Building and Fire Code Compliance Check & Review
-Fire protection / Sprinkler Systems Inspection

Power System Studies

-Arc Flash Calculations
-Protective Coordination Study
-Short Circuit Calculations
-Electrical Load Analysis
-Sag & Tension Calculations


-Building System Design
-Voice Systems
-Network Systems
-Computer Server Rooms
-Building Integrated Support Pathways
-Special Networks - TS/ SCI